1. Morning shots of the lake during a (Canadian) thanksgiving weakend spent with family at the cottage.


  2. We had a great (Canadian) thanksgiving weekend at the cottage with family.  Ben was passed around like a bowl of stuffing all weekend.  We all got the cottage ready for winter during the days and anjoyed each other’s company at night.  What it’s all about…


  3. It’s a cool autmn day and my Mum and Dad came by to play in the park. They brought pistachio croissants back home afterward and I made coffee. During most of this time, Jen was making stews and soups for the week.


  4. How do you print the photos that you hang at home? Is it worth buying a printer or do you just calibrate your monitor and outsource the printing? Any recommendations? I’m in Montreal, Canada…


  5. On the way home from work…


  6. More lunchtime street stuff.


  7. Our Boy’s first haircut.  There was a lot going on and it was very difficult to get a good shot.


  8. Big I, little i


  9. Last weekend was relaxed and spent with friends.  Bruce is a competitive athlete and coached me on the bike, before I gave up fitness so that I could devote time to makeing sure that my son remains alive, dry, fed, etc..  Kelli is a professional acupuncturist who successfuly treated Jen for a nagging issue that she’s had over the years.  

    Usually people without kids are not cool about all of the stuff that changes when a baby is around for a weekend but Bruce and Kelli were more than happy to be awoken early, to walk s l o w l y around the the lake and whatever else.

    Jen is back to work so it is harder to get everything done and we cannot afford as much time spent at the cottage.  That said, our time at the cottage last weekend was a very easy one. Good food, wine and friends with no stress.


  10. Been spending a lot of time at the cottage this summer.  David’s excellent smoked ribs:  ”The ribs will tell us when they’re ready…”