1. Been spending a lot of time at the cottage this summer.  David’s excellent smoked ribs:  ”The ribs will tell us when they’re ready…”


  2. As seen at lunch last week: what’s blond, pink and lacey all over?


  3. This weekend we spent some time alone at the cottage.  Ben dragged his mother around in the water for 4 hours on Saturday while I read an excellent book (Gilead, which is foremost about a father and a son) and looked up regularly, to smile at my family with great pleasure.  

    There were laughs all around and we all seemed to have a great time.  As usual, there was not a second of TV and every night we were all nackered with Jen and in bed before 10pm. 

    Because I (mostly) take the photos, you might not think that I spend time with with my son but I assure you that this is not true.  It is the lot of the family photographer to be missing from these photos but not these moments.


  4. The whole family (four nuclear families) made it to the cottage this weekend.


  5. More lunchtime photos…


  6. More lunchtime photos…


  7. As seen on the way to/from work.


  8. This is the day that I will remember from summer 2014:

    Ben, this time last year, You were 1 hour old.  Happy birthday son.  We spent today together as a family and with Kelly and Bruce who made us breakfast and played with us in the park tonight.  

    We took part in all of your old favourite activities  (ceiling fans, toilet paper, the playground) and for your birthday, there were a couple of special ones.  We had ice cream at Atwater Market (you tried both chocolate and vanilla) and, luckily Carmen and Renee spotted us in the park and brought their two pugs over so that you could play with them.  I don’t know if anything could’ve made you happier.  Every time they pug-sneezed, you burst out laughing even though it was far past your bed time and you should have been very cranky.


  9. Taken moments (and feet) apart.  In the evening at Jen’s family cottage, the sun goes down behind the hills on the other side of the lake and ‘everything is illuminated’. Procesed in Lightroom, not Photoshop —I swear this is how it looks.


  10. As seen at lunch today.